Attention hoar

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Types of surface hoar: Surface hoar frost is simply the winter equivalent of dew. Forms a persistent weak layer once buried. The best way to detect surface hoar is to carefully pay attention to the snow surface each day. Surface hoar can also fail in shear when the first snowfall lays the surface hoar crystals over on their side; they remain as a paper-thin discontinuity in the snowpack with very poor bonding across that layer.

Attention hoar

Especially in maritime climates, surface hoar accounts for most avalanche accidents. First, the snow must be exposed to a clear sky. I have seen widespread areas of eight inch thick surface hoar crystals in Alaska, in the bottom of mountain basins. Surface hoar is a fancy name for frost. About Surface Hoar Featherly crystals that form on the snow surface during clear and calm conditions — essentially frozen dew. Remember, warm air holds much more water vapor than cold air. A snowpit in one place might show nothing suspicious while one 10 feet away may show a very fragile layer. This second method, as it turns out, creates much, if not most, of the humidity that forms surface hoar. The take home point here is that the danger and persistence of surface hoar goes in the order of: In summary, surface hoar forms in the following conditions: And what about humidity? It can fail in collapse if the new snow is added slowly, the surface hoar crystals remain standing up, like columns, and when critically loaded, just one thump and all the columns collapse catastrophically, like the old college trick where you can stand on an upright, empty beer can without crushing it, but one tap of a finger—and crunch! We also find thick layers of surface hoar near open streams because they provide such a constant vapor source. Before the storm arrives, carefully make a mental map of where surface hoar remains intact. When you have to scrape your windshield in the morning, surface hoar grows on the surface of snow—hence its name. Surface hoar makes perhaps the perfect avalanche weak-layer. For instance, air at 50 percent relative humidity contains only half the amount of water vapor it could if there was an infinite supply of water around. Mechanical properties of surface hoar: It tends to form on open slopes as opposed to in trees. And once buried, it is very thin and difficult to detect, yet very weak. But with a thin fog, surface hoar grows like crazy. You can typically find surface hoar in basin bottoms and near creeks or lakes. For instance it might form only above a certain elevation where the mountain rises above the clouds. During a clear sky, the snow in the shade or at night radiates a tremendous amount of heat away and the snow surface becomes very cold. As air cools down during a clear, calm night, it becomes more humid. This is getting a little fancy for mere mortals, but there different kinds of surface hoar crystals and some are more dangerous than others. When air cools it becomes more humid, thus, surface hoar tends to form more at lower elevations or especially in the bottom of mountain basins and not nearly as much on mountain tops or ridges.

Attention hoar

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  1. Types of surface hoar: Often, this cold, humid air pools up into the bottoms of mountain valleys and basins, exactly where we find surface hoar.

  2. Before the storm arrives, carefully make a mental map of where surface hoar remains intact.

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