Benign sex headache

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It bears reiteration therefore that HAS should be investigated at any age or stage. This may reveal aneurysms or AVMs of cerebral blood vessels. Researchers found a significant correlation with those who suffered from both coital and non-coital headaches being more likely to experience repeat and prolonged attacks of sexual headaches. Other names for this condition are benign sex headache, benign vascular sexual headache, coital cephalalgia, coital headache, orgasmic cephalalgia, and orgasmic headache. Some patients experience only one attack of 4.

Benign sex headache

From the benign to the life threatening. When necessary, doctors may prescribe a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug NSAID called indomethacin that can reduce pain. Though largely benign, the headache may seldom be a symptom of an underlying sinister and life threatening neurologic disorder such as aneurysmal subarachnoid heamorrhage. Headache precipitated by sexual activity, usually starting as a dull bilateral ache as sexual excitement increases and suddenly becoming intense at orgasm, in the absence of any intracranial disorder. A small number of sexual headache cases have been linked to pharmacological triggers, including marijuana, amyl nitrite, amphetamines, sildenafil and some anxiolytics. Clinical features Headache associated with sexual activity could be mild, moderate or severe and disabling and sometimes reaching proportions that could be described as thunderclap very severe and explosive headache that crescendos within a minute of onset , it may lasts for few minutes or may persists for several hours and days after intercourse. A common denominator of all the above conditions is direct or indirect alteration in cerebral haemodynamics. Early evaluation for underlying cause of HAS and institution of appropriate treatment is recommended. On the first onset of headache with sexual activity, it is mandatory to exclude subarachnoid haemorrhage, intra- and extracranial arterial dissection and reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome RCVS. If sexual headaches occur during partnered intercourse , open and honest communication between partners can help ensure a more comfortable and positive experience for all involved. Researchers found a significant correlation with those who suffered from both coital and non-coital headaches being more likely to experience repeat and prolonged attacks of sexual headaches. Those who suffer from episodic courses usually notice the condition disappearing within weeks to months after it first began, often without receiving any specific treatment. HAS in the primary or benign form is amenable to treatment with drugs including indomethacin, propranolol and calcium channel blockers nimodipine, verapamil and diltiazem with excellent prognosis. Holistic management of this sexual disorder involves proper pain management and open communication in order to ensure physical and psychological well-being. A thorough physical and neurologic examination should follow. The prognosis of secondary HAS depends on the underlying cause and aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage is the most dreaded. All patients involved in the study reported intense headache pain for at least minutes. Additionally, avoidance of drugs that may act as a trigger such as marijuana , amyl nitrite, amphetamines, sildenafil and some anxiolytics can be helpful in reducing the risk of sexual headaches. It is however a diagnosis of exclusion. Sinister outcomes could be averted if HAS is promptly evaluated. The two average peak ages of onset tend to be during the early 20s and around age However, those who believe they may be suffering from sexual headaches should still see a doctor in order to rule out other, more severe causes. Suggested prevention methods include losing weight, increasing exercise, and taking a more passive role during sexual intercourse. Symptoms There are two main types of commonly reported sexual headaches; however, clinical studies have not been able to confirm a consistent division between the two types, so they should generally be regarded as a single condition with variable presentation. For further research on this headache type, it is recommended to include only patients with at least two attacks.

Benign sex headache

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