Bill nye and neil degrasse tyson

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Nye is an aeronautical engineer, a one-time member of the team that delivered the Boeing It was development of something called the terminator seed. When it comes to genetic engineering the educational conversation is not about the shiny tools. The genetic engineering entrepreneurs wanted to use their new property rights to turn seed germination off until you, or third world farmers, paid them. Odd that EarthDay exists as a day at all.

Bill nye and neil degrasse tyson

Over the years both have had lots of mostly sensible things to say about the disastrous prospects of human caused climate change. Eventually the Department of Agriculture was forced to make investors whole by buying up some of the relevant patents and other rights. Visit us at blackagendareport. In addition, Tyson famously hosted the documentary series, Cosmos: But the investors at Monsanto had a vision. The slow process of genetic modification via old fashioned selective breeding is what got us milk cows and goats and rice, domestic animals and food crops. Nye rose to fame in the context of his PBS science program, Bill Nye The Science Guy, which ran for five years and just last year became available for streaming on Netflix. Pop scientists take on the often unrecognized goal of contextualizing not only their work, but the work of many scientists throughout all of history. But Tyson and Nye now assure us all that GMO technologies in the hands of the same corporate profiteers and rent extractors who are melting the North Pole, Greenland and a good deal of Antarctica to get the last few trillion in fossil fuel profits — are nothing to worry about, are perfectly OK and no cause for concern. Tyson posted to Facebook and Twitter five times more than Nye did on Earth Day, sharing interesting Earth facts and provoking people to think about their planet in the greater context of the Universe. However, as both gentlemen aim to share unbound scientific curiosity, having the ability engaging people outside of North America and the West is a very arresting benchmark. This capacity to reach thousands of people outside of the North America is an impressive and important feat for a science communicator, which is why Neil deGrasse Tyson wins this round. In these ways, Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson have both had huge impacts on scientific understanding and curiosity. Their Plan B was even worse. Combining his command of Facebook and his commanding share of the overall online conversations, the first round goes to Bill Nye. However, Bill Nye managed to collect over 80, mentions between April 1 and May 17, It has to be about who rules. Odd that EarthDay exists as a day at all. Science educators Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye can talk for hours about genetic engineering without once mentioning corporations. When it comes to driving conversation, both gentleman get tens of thousands people chatting each month. If you have any questions about this analysis or suggestions for the next Social Presence Showdown , please Tweet Brandwatch and let us know! As a result, both Tyson and Nye appreciate the importance of a powerful social presence. Both scientists shared special Earth Day posts on Twitter and Facebook, and our analysis of that day on social found that they accumulated over 13, mentions between them. Cosmos episodes are currently available for streaming on Fox. Tyson put up a great fight throughout our analyses. There, Tyson is infamous for his often critical and always humorous analyses of scientific references in pop culture, which has garnered him nearly twice the Twitter followers as Nye 5. Map data was powered by Brandwatch queries and machine learning techniques.

Bill nye and neil degrasse tyson

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  1. When they talk about genetic engineering and never about the commons or whether corporations should be extracting rent from nature and global agriculture, they abandon the curiosity of educators and scientists and become PR hacks for powerful corporate parasites whose purpose is to extract rent from the operation of seeds and natural processes.

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