Body language shaking legs

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Want to know if this guy is interested in you? Tension may be seen in crossed legs and greater anxiety leads to legs held more rigidly and which move more jerkily. You cannot help but notice the gleam in one's eyes if they are very happy. Sitting A crossed leg may bounce up and down. Now she is flaunting another of her feminine attribute, i. Sitting When sitting, legs do not have to support the body but they are more visible and so send more obvious messages unless they are under a table, where they still may subconsciously point in a direction of interest.

Body language shaking legs

However, the way we use our hands while talking and the placement of our legs while sitting speak volumes of our mood and personality. Walking People walk differently, partly due to habit and partly due to intent. She knows a man's weakness for long hair and she is flaunting it! The figure-four cross occurs where one ankle is placed on top of the other legs' knee, with top leg's knee pointing sideways. This is an unstable position and the person may sway a little. A slight twitch in the right direction can thus signal aggression and cause embarrassment. When sitting, a knee waving sideways can also indicate impatience or point sideways. Narrowing of eyes, with the eyebrows pulled closer along with mouth turned down at the corners, reflect sadness. Sitting Crossing legs is much easier when sitting and can take several different forms. A firm handshake reflects confidence. Sitting allows a wider opening of the legs and can thus be even more of a sexual 'crotch display'. This can be a sexual display especially men to women or a show of power especially between men. Similarly, a disinterested, boring look is also hard to miss. They don't have to be worried or tensed in order to do it. Verbal communication tells us just what the other person wants us to hear. Sometimes also this sends a signal. What's in the Face? This is one of the sure signs of attraction, as it is a result of one's intention of completely focusing his attention on the person of their fancy. A fast walk shows a person in a hurry or with a generally determined character who likes to get things done. Longer strides indicate confidence while shorter steps show timidity or preciseness. An individual who is able to maintain constant eye contact is believed to have a confident personality. Now she is flaunting another of her feminine attribute, i. Failure to maintain a constant eye contact is a definite sign of lying. Touching Standing When standing, not much of the leg can be touched. Want to know if this guy is interested in you? A slow walk may be a person who has time to kill, is daydreaming, is lazy or perhaps gets aches and pains when they walk faster.

Body language shaking legs

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  1. Standing with feet about the width of the shoulders is a normal, relaxed pose. I am pretty sure it happened to you before that you found yourself shaking your legs while sitting.

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