Boys ears pierced

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She told me she thought it was best if I waited to make the decision for myself. They didn't cry at all!! I've seen plenty of masculine guys rock earrings. If she wants it Although I am a girl it's totally socially acceptable. I say sure, DH says she has to wait til she's 10 so she can take care of them and "earn" them. I, for one am glad it was done at such a young age that I don't remember it at all.

Boys ears pierced

I just don't like it and it's taboo in my family. Its been a couple years now even Saying only girls can get their ears pierced is old fashioned and plays into gender stereotypes. I'm not all for nor am I all against going out and getting any kid's ears pierced before they are old enough to ask and appreciate it. I dont mind a man with piercings dh has them but a 9 year old? If my great grandmother were still alive, she would of done it the old-fashioned way with a needle, some thread and some ice!!! Hi I'm 21 and I have a baby boy. My oldest loves it when she gets new earrings as gifts. See active discussions on Young Moms C ear piercings for little boys? I had my ears pierced as a baby, I don't wear earrings and I still have the holes and marks. So why is it so shocking for a boy? If she wants it I try to avoid those as much as possible My boyfriend has his ears pierced and he wants to get our baby boys ears peirced to. I may make an exception for the right person, but only ears. At one point he even had a guy pay another dude to "get even" with him the dude assaulted him when he walked out of work one day because he hung out with the guy's sister, and because my husband is so clearly and obviously gay, especially with that horrendous ear piercing That's what my mother told me, since I don't remember it, including any pain that might be associated with it. Women with ear piercings are socially accepted in the US but males, not so much. I see no problem with it. I've seen plenty of masculine guys rock earrings. My mom had the same rules. DF has both his ears pierced but dznt wear them anymore. K ana Young boys wearing any type of jewelry seems weird to me While I appreciate your understanding; speaking from a "minorities" stand point Hispanic , I don't take the least bit of offense to any demeaning comments. I say sure, DH says she has to wait til she's 10 so she can take care of them and "earn" them. He might get confused for a girl. A Anonymous Boys getting their ears pierced is the new fad.

Boys ears pierced

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  1. I personally am indifferent about the issue. I don't think even a girls should be done til older

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