Breaking bad cliff notes

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There were 9 episodes planned for the first season but this was cut short by the writer's strike. Hank returns home to shower. Skyler, parked outside Ted's house, receives a call from Marie who is worried about Hank. Gus decides to discipline the two by enforcing stricter policies at the lab. Gretchen calls Skyler to say they're cutting the money off, so Walt tells Skyler that Elliott Schwartz is broke " Peekaboo ". Walt and Jesse make plans to start another meth operation and try to recruit Mike as a third partner. Skyler assures Marie the incident won't recur, but the two later share an intimate moment when Skyler opens up about Walt's cancer. He breaks into Clovis's repair yard and sleeps in the RV, stealing it back after Clovis threatens to sell the cooking supplies. Jane, who has promised her father Donald she'll enter rehab the next day, blackmails Walt for Jesse's money.

Breaking bad cliff notes

Back at the duplex, Jesse and Jane develop a romance " Negro y Azul ". It's "charity" says Jesse, pushing Walt's buttons. At a campground, middle of the night, Hank Schrader ignores Steven Gomez 's suggestion to wait for a warrant before searching an RV. To cover for their disappearance, Walt fakes amnesia and is hospitalized while Jesse removes meth evidence from his house, persuades Badger 's cousin, Clovis , to tow away the RV , and gets himself arrested. Meanwhile, Hank, who has been recovering from his last engagement with the cartel, finds evidence linking Gale to Gus. In Combo's bedroom, Hank spots a photograph of Combo and Jesse, taken the night Jesse blew Walt's money at the strip club. Hank collecting evidence at Combo's house. He hires Jack Welker, the leader of a neo-Nazi gang, to kill the ten informants from within prison. Jesse suggests he and Jane share a joint, but she tells him she's been sober for 18 months. Skyler meets with her lawyer Pamela , confessing her recent affair with Ted and the duffel bag full of cash. Walt comes clean about manufacturing meth to Skyler who promises not to divulge his criminal activities if he grants her a divorce and keeps his distance. Meanwhile, Saul Goodman , in his office , attempts to calm an agitated Jesse. Walt eventually councils Hank to face his fears, and Hank returns to work. Jesse threatens to report Walter to the police if he is arrested, but Walter offers him Gale's position at the lab. Jesse is captured and forced into slavery, producing meth for the gang. Jesse knows thieves who can steal it, but they want ten grand. Skyler assures Marie the incident won't recur, but the two later share an intimate moment when Skyler opens up about Walt's cancer. Like Lydia, Walt would prefer that these nine men were dead, not paid off. Trapped in a desert hideaway, Walt and Jesse try to slip Tuco the poison, but his ailing uncle, Hector Salamanca , tips Tuco off. Walter and Jesse then destroy the meth lab and Walter declares to his wife, "I won. Hank forms an alliance with Jesse, who now despises Walter for all his wrongdoings. The next morning, though, he says he'll accept treatment and Elliott's help with it. Jack executes Hank despite Walter's pleas. When she approaches the owner with the gift she is apprehended and informed it was stolen. Walt talks Tuco into a loan, albeit at high interest, so that he and Jesse can procure the proper supplies. This episode is dedicated to Gwyn Savage who cast extras for 15 episodes of Breaking Bad and died on January 21st,

Breaking bad cliff notes

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