Circus midgets

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But back here we can talk right out. A banner, for instance, might depict a "Frog Boy" as a green frog-shaped animal with a human head. It has been pointed out, by those whose credentials are unimpeachable, that there was a time when carnies proudly earned their reputations as cheaters and unabashed crooks. Members of the committee may count tickets at the end of the day to make sure the charity gets its agreed share. And there ain't no fooling, neither. Click here to see details and hear audio samples Bally Cloth - Canvas, often painted with text, that covers and backs the bally platform, visually distinguishing it from the surrounding banners and hiding any junk stashed under the platform. The outside bally is also known as the "first opening," while the inside talker would introduce the show with the "second opening.

Circus midgets

The average performer had a schedule that included ten to fifteen shows a day and was shuttled back and forth week after week from one museum to another. Only used when the 'fix' is in to the degree that even legitimate beefs won't bring any heat from the cops. Blade Glommer — A sword swallower. At the height of freak shows' popularity, they were the only job for dwarves. Also, when a rigged game malfunctions, carnies say that it copped. Laws were passed restricting freak shows for these reasons. Ward Hall told the Sideshow Central website that "You need to freeze the tip while the talker makes the pitch. We couldn't tell you everything on the outside because you know there's women and kids on the midway. Comic Book — A "comic book idiot" is a lazy and stupid employee who would rather read comic books than serve patrons or do his job. Though movies and television played a big part in the decline of the freak show, the rise of disability rights was the true cause of death. Back Yard Boy — A general gofer, sometimes a 'roughie' but more often an inexperienced helper. Inside is a man with flipper-like arms and legs. A banner, for instance, might depict a "Frog Boy" as a green frog-shaped animal with a human head. Blowoff sometimes shortened to "the blow" — This is where the real money is. Invaluable when you have to take down a ferris wheel late at night after closing and then drive all night and all the next day. Many traveling showmen would use Amusement Business as their in-season address, and the magazine would forward mail to them along their route. But you should know that this lovely and talented little beauty receives no pay for displaying herself to your eyes in this fashion. Arch — The front entrance to a carnival. The stunt was originally done as part of a human pincushion act. Once the call has worked, the agent "closes the sale" using his tried-and-true assortment of "cracks. Bearded Lady — A female "human oddity" with a beard, usually genuine, though there have been occasional gaffs. Reading the crowd and reacting to them is an art. The second was a printed advertisement usually using long pamphlets and broadside or newspaper advertisement of the freak show. Cop — To cheat or manipulate a sucker at some point in a game, or to take anything especially if you take it by subterfuge. Throughout the show, the giant has been selling huge rings, the Mule-Faced Girl and the Lizard-Skinned Man have been selling pitch cards with their photo and bio, and on and on.

Circus midgets

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  1. And now, I'm going to give the real men in the audience a chance to come up on stage and see for themselves! His story was that he was on a military expedition but was captured by native people, who gave him the choice of either being chopped up into little pieces or receive full body tattoos.

  2. They grew in popularity during the s to the s performing dance routines and playing instruments. She's gonna sit in a chair, she's gonna lift up her dress and she's gonna show you what you've all been waiting to see.

  3. Because you don't have to split your "inside money" with the front office! You'll thank your lucky stars you did, and with what you'll learn tonight, when you go home you're going to make your own little ladies VERY happy they let you come in here!

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