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FoVy 46 mm mm achromatic 0. If you cannot save any more images to the SD card, check to make certain that the write protection is disabled. Tighten the clamping screw to prevent the arm from extending. Securely tighten the clamping screw. Supervised clinical experiences will be provided in the application of basic sonographic scanning techniques that incorporate patient care, safe use of equipment, body mechanics and proper infectious control practices. Topics of discussion will also include artifacts, quality control and bio- effects. Whenever possible, always use a neutral gray chart to attain optimum results.


Switch on the microscope and HD monitor so that you see the live image on the HD monitor. If you do not press for 5 seconds, the selected illumination mode is applied. The white balance of the microscope is factory set to automatically provide optimum results when used in conjunction with a Leica LED illuminator. Install the column adapter on the column using the three screws. Follow the instructions in the software for adjusting and recording an image. User manuals and updates are also available for you to download and print from our website www. Push the button towards the knob to enable the click stops. To maintain the unit in its original condition and to ensure safe operation, the user must follow the instructions and warnings contained in these user manuals. Video capturing is discontinued if the SD card runs out of memory. For a JPG image: This course will present human cross-sectional anatomy relative to both the normal body structures and pathologic changes that will be demonstrated in multiple scan planes and directly associated with sonographic imaging. Point the remote control towards the Leica DMS The microscope only responds to the remote control commands from this remote control. Show crosshair or overlay. Gyn topics such as the post-menopausal uterus, endometrial disorders, pelvic masses, transvaginal imaging procedures and case studies will be presented. Wait until the displayed illumination mode disappears from the screen. The "COLOR" function makes it possible to adapt the camera chip to the ambient light so that color-neutral images can be acquired. It allows additional scenarios to be implemented in which an HD monitor and computer monitor can even be used together. The status light is red when switching on the Leica DMS; as soon as it is green, you can open the software and view, record or manage images. Before installing, operating or using the instruments, read the user manuals listed above. The following resolutions are available: We appreciate your interest in using our InstraView website! The microscope can be rotated freely together with the microscope carrier. However, it may also be logical in some instances to fasten the microscope in place. The ergonomic optics concept and the design of the Leica DMS digital microscope system aim to limit the strain on the user to the lowest possible level.


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  1. Images and descriptions may vary when using another incident light base. This is a lecture class that will utilize textbook material, sonographic terminology and sonograms to identify sectional anatomy of the abdomen, superficial structures, male and female pelvis and obstetrics.

  2. The instruments and accessories described in this User Manual have been tested for safety and potential hazards.

  3. Clean the objectives with special optics cleaning cloths and pure alcohol. Topics of discussion will also include artifacts, quality control and bio- effects.

  4. On the other hand, when the click stops are enabled, photographs, measurement results etc.

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