Facts about runcorn

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They blame Widnes but cruising alond the A55 towards Shit City from Gods country the dead give away is the expanse on the left dedicated to petrochemical refinery. Full of bloody chavs Sleazy fellas and desperate slags Chemical industry. Surely you mean can't - the apostrophe indicates the omission of letters in order to shorten the phrase can not - it is not an invitation to insert letters so please stop. This town was my childhood home and I love everything about it, I love taking my children back there and showing them things you don't get in Manchester. First opened in , Halton Miniature Railway is staffed entirely by volunteers and operates services most weekends. The full potential of the town was not to be reached until several centuries later when a barge dock was built in the 18th-century, this was at the time of the completion of the newly opened Manchester-Liverpool canal waterway.

Facts about runcorn

It seems that HBC had no intention of ever letting it remain open, it is on a prime site and much money can be made from its redevelopment. I fancy if you re going to criticise a whole town for their lack of education, one should learn to spell. Never fear - we're on hand to help. See Liverpool or Everton legends in the flesh at one of the many sports events Jan Molby, Liverpool The town has a stunning loft War memorial set against an attractive flower decked garden, and is dedicated to the citizens of Runcorn who lost their lives in the War. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. Brookvale also closed but has re-opened this term under the new name of Halton High - the pupils remaining at the Norton Priory site will have left within the next couple of years and the outcry of the school closure will have died down leaving the door wide open for HBC to increase their profits with no real benefit to the community. It is now celebrating its 25th birthday. They will start a fight and after getting knocked out by all of them all at once, they'll brag about how hard they are. Don't knock Liverpool unless you've lived there, oh and yes Liverpool schools are a cut above Runcornm schools, much more cosmopolitan and better education. Submit Thank You for Your Contribution! Sit out a rainy Sunday with a fish and chips from Festival Way chippy and football on the radio How many wools in one place!? The ones from the old town who were born and bred here. Runcorn is split up into sub-sections. For pleasure there is boating, fishing in Town Park Lake and other places, and Runcorn Hill Nature Reserve offers an abundance of flora and fauna. Take in some award-winning experimental architecture at The Deck apartments complex by the river bank The Deck, Runcorn It is a fake accent that they have borrowed and put on, in order to confuse other Runcorn dwellers, in hope to defuse violent situations. When night falls, the streets are not safe. Residents or ex-residents who just slag off their home town. Areas of the New Town. Go for a ride on a rickshaw with Urban Trikes and have a cup of tea and a butty at the Urban Cafe in Phoenix Park The cycling-themed Urban Cafe is the brainchild of Runcorn businessman Mike Wheelhouse, pictured here with special guest Olympic cyclist Lucy Martin inside. The smell from Widnes. Whether it's encountering a friendly paedophile offering to buy you candy or just simply witnessing a mugging, you will surely not forget Runcorn in a hurry! Hopefully this brief guide will help you should you ever find yourself stranded in Runcorn as night draws near, and the sun goes down. Tee off at Runcorn Golf Club People not very ambitious or inspiring.

Facts about runcorn

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  1. People who sit on their arse all day, talk about their days under the bridge in Garston, aren't arsed about runcorn, and would try and knock you out if mention manchester or anything bad about liverpool. First opened in , Halton Miniature Railway is staffed entirely by volunteers and operates services most weekends.

  2. Non-existent buses before 6. The amount of stick you get for bein either a scally, mosher, goth etc, who cares what we wanna dress like we all have our own taste.

  3. Sure lot's can be changed for the better but instead of whining about it go and complete your education and do something about it.

  4. The town has a stunning loft War memorial set against an attractive flower decked garden, and is dedicated to the citizens of Runcorn who lost their lives in the War. This miracle of modern engineering allows the ignorant and ill educated access to our fair town.

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