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Geordie H on March 8, at 2: The origin of the word Geordie has been a matter of much discussion and controversy. Eddy on October 13, at 5: Go on and get your picks [axes] again. For an introductory guide on IPA symbols, see Help: I now live in Scotland, am Geordie through and through. Moreover, Roman bureaucrat and historian Jordanes bore this name; and consequently was believed to be a Romanised German author of Gothic background. My stepdad was in the Navy and got called George, cos he was from the North East. Geordies are born and bred Newcastle only.


In the English Dialect Dictionary of , Joseph Wright gave the definition A man from Tyneside; a miner; a north-country vessel, quoting two sources from Northumberland, one from East Durham and one from Australia. Monophthongs of Geordie [33]. Eddy on October 13, at 5: Purvis had set up a booth at the Newcastle Races on the Town Moor. Katy on October 8, at 5: In fact some of my best friends are Geordies. The term Geordie originated in the durham pits, south of the Tyne, further down south to york and even as far as the welsh pits all used a lamp called the Davey lamp, the lamp was invented by a man called humphery Davey, however the durham pits didnt not use this lamp, a man called george stevenson invented a lamp that worked better than the davey lamp, this lamp was named the Geordie lamp after george stevenson. All the explanations are fanciful and not a single piece of genuine evidence has ever been produced. Some of these values may not be representative of all speakers. Bad-weather Geordy was a name applied to cockle sellers: Its very annoying when people on the north of the tyne say people like me born on the south in north durham are jumping on the band wagon and are plastic geordies. You're a real Geordie! Go on and get your picks [axes] again. Citing such examples as the song "Geordy Black", written by Rowland Harrison of Gateshead, she contends that, as a consequence of popular culture, the miner and the keelman had become icons of the region in the 19th century, and "Geordie" was a label that "affectionately and proudly reflected this," replacing the earlier ballad emblem, the figure of Bob Crankie. Vicky P on March 7, at 7: Go on, man, and hide yourself! In recent times the term geordie was to describe those living in newcastle centre north of the tyne mainly through football and media, they latched onto the word geordie and claimed only people on the north could be classed as a geordie. Above all geordie comes from the heart. The earliest known recorded use of the term found by an Oxford English Dictionary word hunt occurred only as late as Truth is geordie originated on the south of the tyne and has spread through the north. I was born in Felling, Gateshead, Co. Using the chronological order of two John Trotter Brockett books, Geordie was given to North East pitmen; later he acknowledges that the pitmen also christened their Stephenson lamp Geordie. It occurs in the titles of two songs by songwriter Joe Wilson — The locals from the general Tyneside area joined King Georges army to fight the Scots? Thous a real Geordie!


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