Guerrilla ontology

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In their destruction they create new situations, spaces, locations; Things, from the intensity of their energetic releases. Unfortunately they did face the Romans in open battle and the Celts lost. Its violence does not and cannot create, but rather it constructs. So what is the guerrilla mode of attack? But this is simply a misunderstanding brought about through the limitations of language as a means of conveying meaning. So it seems sensible to advocate guerrilla type tactics given the technological might of empire and our available means of attack. Through their guerrilla tactics they successfully depleted the Roman position in Briton to near defeat. Does this mean we start killing officials or supporters of Empire like Pemulwuy? The eco-extremist post-Kaczynskiist movement would do well to remember this, or maybe this is something that their pseudo-active passive pessimist nihilism just accepts?

Guerrilla ontology

Does this mean we start killing officials or supporters of Empire like Pemulwuy? These means hold more potential for actually disrupting its narratives, not just serving as a basis for the civilised to reinstate and make those same narratives more violent. One resistance fighter, within anti-civ eco-radical resistance, whose approach has utilised much of what can be considered a guerrilla approach, is Theodore Kaczynski better known as the infamous UNABOMBER. Why not attack head on? Pemulwuy fought British invaders through ambush raids and killed British officials in vengeance against their violence towards his community and the land he lived upon. We talk about violence all the time. Guerrilla fighters are fighters who utilise a guerrilla-based approach to conducting warfare. Oh sure, we talk about their violence and even our own on occasion though usually sanctifying its enactors, the living as heroes and the dead as martyrs who sacrificed themselves for God, the God of the machinery of the technosphere. About What Is This Place? But this is not our taskā€¦. The sabotage is basically what we call property destruction in the form that eco-radicals are very familiar with. Destruction as a phenomenon is the event of a singularity whereby, due to certain physical intensities, a new situation, space, location, Thing etc. But this is simply a misunderstanding brought about through the limitations of language as a means of conveying meaning. Lets look to a historical potential that led to ruin to discuss why not. Having written on Heidegger and Object-Oriented Ontology, Deleuze and Guattari, and nuclear aesthetics, his current research interests reside at the unholy crux of post- Deleuzian thought, accelerationism, and speculative realism in an attempt to make sense of modern-day capitalist production and consumption. Violence as Violation Violence presents itself not as destruction, but as violation. As such, violence can occur with no intent to violate. What evil is ultimately is that which threatens the machinery that is society. Well, many of the guerrilla fighters took to forming bands, who focused on payback, through means of inflicting unending sabotage and psychological warfare. Pacifists believe in the great cosmic separation of forces of light from forces of darkness. Guerrilla ontology, to me, involves shaking up that certainty. Empire has now spread across basically the entire body of the Earth and ecological collapse is basically a certainty. While enjoying good discussion, he likes to be contrary. This violence theirs and that violence ours. Julian Langer Writer of Feral Consciousness: Myths of authority again, not power are what violence is.

Guerrilla ontology

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