How to remove a hickey with a spoon

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When the area stops tingling, use a warm washcloth to remove the toothpaste. Personal Health- your personal health also affects how long you will have to live with a hickey. The swelling and redness will spread, but it will become a lot less obvious after 15 minutes. A hickey, also known as a love bite, bug bite or a kiss mark, is a bruise caused by biting, sucking or aggressively kissing of the soft skin usually around the neck or on the arm. Hot Compress How do you get rid of hickeys that are proving stubborn?

How to remove a hickey with a spoon

Rub aloe extract on the affected area and massage it two to three times a day. Cocoa Butter Cocoa butter is an effective healing agent for hickeys and other bruises. You can also eat foods that are rich in the vitamin or buy vitamin supplement to facilitate the healing process. If you do these either two or three times a day, the size of your hickey should reduce significantly. The more you do it, the faster the hickey will fade. Gently massage the area for several minutes to help minimize any discomfort. It lessens skin sensitivity in the affected area and speeds up the healing of the broken capillaries. Orange Oranges are a good source of Vitamin C, which is vital for the healing of bruises. You can use peppermint-based toothpaste as an alternative to peppermint oil. Scraping This is the most painful method used to remove hickeys, but it can produce great results if you choose to use it. It also aids the healing of capillary vessels. If timed well, the use of oranges can help you remove a hickey quickly. Banana peels have soothing and cooling properties that will help minimize your hickey fast. Rub the affected area gently with the spoon or press it into the skin. Wrap a few ice cubes in a towel to make an ice compress. If untreated, hickeys typically last about 5 to 12 days. How to Remove a Hickey with Ice Other Alternative method is wrap several ice cubes in a towel, or use frozen ice packs. Now take out the spoon and wrap it with a cloth. Banana Peelings Want to know how to remove a hickey in the comfort of your home? However, hickeys may linger for some time because of: This process also helps in making the mark less noticeable. How to Remove a Hickey with Spoon lifestyle9. You can use any essential oil. Hot Compress How do you get rid of hickeys that are proving stubborn? Apply it on the spot where you have the hickey.

How to remove a hickey with a spoon

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