How to tell when someone is jealous

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As long as you stick to the right path there is not much they can do stop you from being successful. Jealousy and greediness are the things that have the power to make people wretched and toxic. Just be modest and matter of fact about your achievements. But most of us are more than willing and ready to support our friends regardless of our personal lives. So, the easiest way to get it is by imitating the hell out of your life.

How to tell when someone is jealous

These are the people who you think are your well-wishers but instead of sharing in your joy, they are jealous of you and consequently, they say and do cruel things to you. They have been waiting for that moment for so long. They are overly competitive This is related to the two previous signs. They give you a fake smile They go overboard in their attempts to come off as friendly but the grin on their face is so fake that everybody can see it. Jealous people have no place in your life. It is a greedy feeling that has the power to make people behave maliciously towards us, especially if we possess the things they desire. They just want to outrun you every single time, so they try their hardest to undervalue you. This happens because of their fear of missing out on something good or exciting that might happen while they are not present. In their petty little minds, this proves that they are better than you. They will constantly try to bring you down. You keep looking after yourself and your happiness. They probably want to have everything you own. The rubbish of the human race. Your eyes spark with joy, your loved ones are thrilled for you and the whole day is one big bag of bliss and happiness. But, why would they do that, you ask? Jealousy is like eating a poisoned apple and waiting for the other person to die. Take care of yourself. People tend to despise people who are better than them. They could also find joy in having someone to share their misery with. They are not interested in you adding more to your bliss. But jealousy in itself is not unnatural. The best way to handle this is by avoiding them. You will be their rival in their eyes A jealous person will try to start up a rivalry with you because they desire to be better than you and will do anything to show that they are superior. Unfortunately, the only thing they can use against you is their evil tongue. They overemphasize their achievements On the other hand, every tiny win they achieve for themselves will be blown out of proportion and will be bigger than any you ever made so far. They might even go so far as to tell you something that will make you doubt other people or your decisions. What others do is not your concern.

How to tell when someone is jealous

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