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Can liability be imposed for breach of statutory obligations, e. Courts require a showing by the Manufacturer that none of the established knowledge or technology relevant to the product provided any suggestion or knowledge that such a danger might have existed. No special rules apply. A Manufacturer is liable only to the extent that the damages were generally foreseeable or specifically foreseeable to the Manufacturer based on information known to the Manufacturer. A Manufacturer would not be liable for damages for only having wrongly exposed the Claimant to an increased risk of injury known to be associated with the product unless the Claimant can prove some sort of physical or mental injury. While not creating a private cause of action for injured persons, the revised CPSL does place on all companies a duty to collect information about accidents involving their products, report such accidents under certain circumstances to the government, and to undertake remedial measures to eliminate any unsafe conditions or properties of their product.


Only once an arbitration agreement is recorded with the court does it become enforceable as the judgment of the court. Under the JPLL, once a Claimant makes a showing that the product is defective, the Manufacturer may assert one or more of the following defences to either avoid liability or shift part or all of the liability to another party: Potential civil litigants may agree to refer their case for closed-door civil conciliation chotei by applying at the local district court. Second, each party may provide expert testimony from an expert of their own choosing either by examining the expert as a witness Shounin-jinmon at a court hearing or by submitting documentary evidence from the expert Shoshou. In other words, in the case where an accident causes injury to person, property or the product, unless it is clear that the cause is not due to a defect, the incident is deemed to be a product accident. The product is not defective because the manner in which Claimant handled, used or stored the product was, under the circumstances, unforeseeable misuse. A manufacturing defect arises when a product is improperly manufactured. Medical expenses and lost wages are also recoverable. Are such claims commonly brought? The Japanese Bar Association allows Japanese lawyers to structure their fees so that a portion of compensation to be paid at the conclusion of the suit is dependent on the outcome of the law suit. Under contract law, the Claimant must make a showing that the Manufacturer breached the terms of the contract by supplying a product that failed to meet an express or implied warranty of the product and that the breach caused the injury to the Claimant. If no contractual relationship exists and if a claim brought under the JPLL is unsuccessful, an injured party may bring a tort claim under CCJ Article One is a general contribution that is charged annually to all companies that manufacture, import or market drugs, based on sales revenue. There are, generally, four ways a party may be able to obtain documentary evidence: If the third-party was not brought in as a third-party defendant in the original suit, a Manufacturer could file a suit against the third party after the underlying product liability law suit was decided against the Manufacturer. Claims may also be brought under breach-of-contract theories and, depending on the nature of the product involved, there may exist publicly or privately funded insurance schemes. The JPLL provides that a Manufacturer shall be liable for damages to the life, limb or property of the victim. The non-calling party will also have a chance to cross-examine at the hearing. The JPLL does not contain a provision that expressly obligates a Manufacturer to recall or repair a product found to be defective in a product liability lawsuit. Negotiated settlement wakai may be reached by the parties before or during court proceedings. Criteria have since been promulgated by METI to include: For claims brought under CCJ Article , again, the Claimant bears the burden of proof and must show that the injury was caused by a defect in the product and that the Manufacturer negligently or intentionally breached a duty owed to the Claimant and this breach of duty caused damage to the Claimant. If a witness is presented at a hearing, whether they be a fact or expert witness, the party presenting such witness is required to give to the other party written notice containing a summary of the matter about which the witness will be called upon to discuss. Aside from possible civil liability stemming from the failure to recall, repair or warn consumers of a potential danger, violation of the CPSL or a Ministry order carries with it possible criminal fines and criminal prosecution of the company and its directors, officers and employees. The Manufacturer could accomplish this by filing a suit against such third party and then seeking to combine the proceedings. If so, are there any restrictions?


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  1. Japanese civil procedure does theoretically allow class-action suits where a single Claimant represents other injured parties, but the requirements for the class are so stringent that forming a class is exceedingly difficult in the vast majority of situations and rarely accomplished.

  2. For example, the CPSA will not pay any compensation in the event that the injured party was contributorily negligent. However, a party may refuse to produce documentary evidence where:

  3. Yes, there are time limits. Under the powers granted in the CPSL, if at anytime a Ministry such as METI concludes that the remedial actions being taken by the company are insufficient in light of the potential or foreseeable danger associated with the product, such Ministry may order the remedial actions it deems necessary.

  4. Instead, under the JPLL, the Claimant need only prove that the product was defective and that the defect was the cause of the injuries suffered. The product is not defective because its design and manufacture meets or exceeds published safety guidelines and standards such as the SG-Mark.

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