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This comparison of the two sports is by no means exhaustive or comprehensive, but is intended to present an overview of the character of the two sports. As part of the program for a dog to compete at a high level it must have a pedigree. The protection work for Schutzhund has little to do with police service work. The examination is divided into three sections which test abilities in these areas. Schutzhund was developed by a man named Stephanitz who was very active in the development of the German Shepherd. The KNPV does not have any tracking in their normal certification program they do offer a special tracking Certificate.


KNPV originally had three primary levels of certification. This is a highly attenuated program geared toward basic obedience and protection. It is possible to test for an individual section only, but this results in a partial title only. KNPV heeling focuses on the dog following the handler in a required pattern. Dog's are constantly given "pronounced" ratings when in fact they don't deserve it. The Dutch should not be blamed for this. The dog is taught to only bite a sleeve. The sport has been gaining in popularity in this country because people have recognized the weaknesses of schutzhund and are not willing to accept them. The dog is trained to follow a scent at an even pace, and to do so ona precise path. KNPV jumps are geared just to the jump with no retrieve. Tracking should always be trained before area search. The problem is that the judges confuse "very active prey drive" in the bite work with true aggression. He designed the sport of schutzhund to be used as a tool by breeders. To train people to become quality handlers, instructors, decoys, and judges for exams and competitions. The test is performed both on foot and while the handler is riding a bicycle. These specialty tracking dog's are almost exclusively not KNPV certificate dogs. Both dog sports train a dog to bite a man. In addition, the Dutch police recognize the scent restrictions of the sport and train special tracking dogs for their scent work. Many of the exercises closely relate to skills that are needed as a service dog. Pressuring adog will ultimately result in a dog that does not enjoy tracking. To promote sensible breeding of suitable dogs for the KNPV title. Frankly through proper training dogs can easily be schutzhund titled but these same dogs can not come close to passing a selection test for police work, much less be trained to do the work. These force tracked dogs do not like to track as a result of the force that was put on it in the force training. The fact is that a KNPV titled dog still needs to go through 5 or 6 weeks of additional training to get it ready to work as a street police service dog. In Holland when police agencies purchase a KNPV titled dog the animal must first go through a selection test where it's drives are tested for service work. The attack is much tougher than an IPO attack, and the exercises are more numerous.


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  1. The level of obedience in IPO is much higher than many people realize and rather tighter than KNPV where the dog needs to get the job done.

  2. The sport has been gaining in popularity in this country because people have recognized the weaknesses of schutzhund and are not willing to accept them.

  3. Some people who live in cities have problems finding proper tracking grounds and some people simply hate training tracking I find this hard to believe because it's my favorite thing to train.

  4. I just feel that it is a mistake to think that all Schutzhund dogs and all KNPV dog's can become police service dogs. The fact is that many people who train in the KNPV still feel that the purpose of the sport is to provide dogs for service work.

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