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Which, can be a tad spicy. I wish they could've added more cheese to the rice, to ensure you don't end up with half a tray of plain baked rice. The beef itself was slightly dry too and the texture could've been better. If you're feeling up to it, you can also spread some chilli crab sauce into it. I felt that without the sauce, the rice was too dry to be eaten.


It was better than expected. I felt that this was a better option than a well-known chain that also offers student baked rice. Didn't expect that at all! I wonder why they tout this in their Japanese menu but it's only Japanese because of the unagi and the seaweed? I attribute this to their well-equipped baking infrastructure passed down from the previous tenant. You can choose from blackcurrant, blueberry, iced lemon tea, lime, honey lemon and green tea. I liked the salad that came in the rice too, made it feel more nutritious. Which, can be a tad spicy. It's quite hard to decide what exactly does this cafe cater to. A hit and miss place, good location, quick and fuss-free food. The cheese was well baked. Which is why Kokomama offers pastries, cakes and even bread. The cheese went through about half the layer of the rice, so the bottom half of the rice stayed dry. These are also their soups for their signature blackout bread bowl. There are options for sauces for the rice like chilli crab, clam chowder and curry chicken. Fusion Cafe Located on the busy stretch of passerbys walking from dhoby ghaut to bras basah mrt is Kokomama. Blackcurrant - tasted like ribenaThe blackcurrant drink tasted like ribena to be honest! There also sprinkle some seaweed garnishing on the top. They pretty generous with the unagi but same thing again, the rice wasn't Japanese rice. These are definitely catered to the students for sure! But I felt the unagi didn't go well with the chilli crab sauce. For the rice that had cheese on it, the rice was good and tasty, together with the numerous slices of ham. Not a bad blend! Check out the fun colours of our drinks! But you can also tell based on the dining room arrangement, the owners probably wanted a no-frills cafe environment for students to hang out, grab a quick bite and dine in a comfortable environment.


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  1. But I felt the unagi didn't go well with the chilli crab sauce. It has a large variety of croissants to pick from.

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