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Some archaeologists have speculated that the tomb was dug in a hurry to house royal remains transferred from elsewhere. The note simply states the gold sheets were recovered from inside tasarcophagus within KV It has been speculated that the tomb was created in a hurry, and that the individual buried there had been previously laid to rest elsewhere. At the time of the discovery, the entrance and stairs were covered by rubble which all had to be removed. The shrine of Queen Tiye and the lid of the coffin from KV55 adorn this gallery. Various other objects found in the tomb could indicate a hastily arranged burial with items from various sources gathered together.


What is suggested from the records is that — Smenkhkare was either the elder brother or uncle of Tutankhamen. However, upon further study and tests of the remains, researchers concluded that the individual buried within the tomb was, in fact, male. All that was found by archaeologist Edward R. Later it was proposed that the coffin could have belonged to Nefertiti, Meketaten, or Meritaten. So far, the Berlin museum has not agreed to our request to bring the head to Egypt for three months as part of an exhibition to celebrate the opening in of the Akhenaten Museum in Minya. The desecrated sarcophagus found within has had its face and names chiselled away. Biological age of skeletonized mummy from Tomb KV 55 at Thebes. The tomb also contains the magical bricks of Akhenaten, arguing strongly that his mummy was interred here at some point. Abstract The on-going discussion by Egyptologists and anthropologists concerning the fate of Akhenaten's body, has allegedly been solved recently by his identification with the skeletonized mummy originally found in , in the rock of Tomb 55 in the Valley of the Kings at Thebes Hawass et al. In the niche were four canopic jars. Although we can be confident that the remains belonged to Akhenaten, we may never know the exact circumstances that led to the presence of his isolated remains in this mysterious tomb. My friend Mark Linz, the head of the American University in Cairo Press, told me that he felt that the renovated Amarna room is amazing and unique, adding that he hopes that it will bring the glory of the Amarna period to life and tell people the story of Akhenaten, the first king to believe in a single god. By a meticulous re-examination of the male skeletal remains from tomb KV 55 by the author of this paper, a number of features demonstrate that his biological age at death was in the range of years, strengthened by the complete absence of even incipient dental or osseous agedependent pathological changes. This coming year, we will begin DNA studies of the mummy from KV55, along with those of Tutankhamun and others, with hopes that DNA evidence will add even more to our understanding of this period. The mummy contained within the coffin has not made the problem any simpler. It must have been made for someone significant: Tomb 55 was discovered in the Valley of the Kings by Edward R. The recent discovery of a piece of gold foil bearing Smenkhkare's cartouche, stolen when the tomb was opened, would seem to confirm this. He abolished the old religions and imposed the worship of a single god — the sun-god Aten — upon his people. This made efforts to identify the remains within the tomb more difficult. In addition, the KV55 mummy shares a blood type with the golden king; studies have indicated that the remains from the Amarna Cache belonged to an individual closely related to Tutankhamun. One of the main reasons for this continued interest is that I have requested the loan to Egypt of the head of Nefertiti in the collection of the Egyptian Museum in Berlin. KV55 is small, uninscribed and undecorated, but despite its simplicity it has great historical value, because it is also connected with the royal family of El-Amarna. Some archaeologists have speculated that the tomb was dug in a hurry to house royal remains transferred from elsewhere. Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine which of the many names found on the objects in the tomb belonged to the skeletal remains found in the gilded wooden coffin. Since Akhenaten's reign was at least 17 years according to Egyptological sources, he could not have started to reign as a year old child. The skeleton, initially assessed as being female because of the positioning of its arms, has since been determined to have been a male aged about


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