Legend of zelda lana

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Cia had opened the Gate of Souls to wage war over Hyrule, [12] compelled by the darkness to acquire the full Triforce and to revive Ganondorf. Outside battle In many cutscenes that feature the White Sorceress, she occasionally leaps a great distance after enforcing powerful electricity to strike the ground and destroying a huge amount of enemies. A misunderstanding and her stealing Agitha's butterfly in tracking Cia down cause Lana and Midna to briefly clash before it was cleared up, and Midna joins the cause. Despite her optimistic nature, her natural athletic energy serves her well and allows her to quickly dive around her enemies and attack with her book of sorcery, which utilizes electrifying spells that her enemies never see coming. She is athletic, capable of bounding and leaping across the battlefield with ease. Lana tells Link to return the Master Sword to its temple and insists that only he and Zelda should do it together, [41] bidding the hero good-bye a final time. Zelda asks Lana if they will ever see her again, but she sadly bids them good-bye and leaves to close the Valley of Seers' Gate of Souls. They meet fierce resistance from Zant and Ghirahim , but Lana is able to summon the heroes from the other realms to turn the tide against the villains.

Legend of zelda lana

While searching for the Gate of Souls in the Twilight Realm, Lana takes a detour to rescue Agitha from a horde of monsters, ultimately recruiting her to the greater cause. After Lana and her allies defeat Zant and confront Cia in the Palace of Twilight , the White Sorceress reveals that she and Cia used to be the same person. Lana aids Link in defeating the King of Evil after he transforms into Ganon by giving part of her life force to empower the Light Arrows. With the full Triforce now in her possession, Cia then uses the Gate of Souls to summon entire worlds from other ages and merges them into present-day Hyrule. Following Ganon's defeat, Lana once again acquires the Triforce of Power and works with the other Triforce bearers to defeat the monstrous Demon King once and for all. This explanation allows Cia to let go of her jealousy as she fades away, allowing Lana to claim the Triforce of Power ; with it, she is able to help Zelda and Link undo the damage Cia did to the fabric of time and space. Her default weapon is the Book of Sorcery , a tome filled with spells and craft. In a last-ditch effort, she splits herself into two, similar to Cia's own ability, but Ganondorf defeats both Lanas and reclaims the Triforce of Power. Lana attempts to comfort her dark counterpart in her final moments, explaining that she overcomes her unrequited attraction to Link by simply accepting the fact that the hero is destined to serve Zelda and protect Hyrule instead of be with her. Her third weapon is the Summoning Gate. Zelda asks Lana if they will ever see her again, but she sadly bids them good-bye and leaves to close the Valley of Seers' Gate of Souls. In the stylized cutscenes, Lana dons robes similar to those worn by the original Guardian of Time. She is athletic, capable of bounding and leaping across the battlefield with ease. Should Lana use a combo that summons that particular enemy, the finisher will be powered up, such as when she summons Argorok and instead of it merely breathing fire, Lana will proceed to ride it. Allying herself with Link, Tetra , and King Daphnes , she battles against enemy troops once more. Lana becomes of interest when she tells Impa that she is a sorcerer from the same clan as Cia, [16] dissembling her identity. However while she was distracted by her search via use of her crystal ball , she was attacked by a mysterious shadowy figure who stole her Triforce of Power. She continues to aid her allies in battle against Cia, but grows increasingly concerned for her other half as she pushes her spirit to its limits against her foes. Returning with Link to Hyrule, both Cia and Lana bid him and the others farewell, and continue their guardianship of the Triforce. Her speed with the weapon is slow, though it is equipped with proper damage, allowing Lana to rip through the mission as fast as possible. Afterwards she and her allies encounter King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, who reveals that the one behind Cia's disappearance and the theft of the Triforce of Power originated from the Era of the Great Sea. Lana has also displayed the powers to heal her allies at will. This indicates that Lana due in part to her optimistic nature may believe that Cia has a chance at redemption. Though it is not directly stated, Lana and her other half share the right to control the Gate of Souls one way or another—Cia preformed her act when forcing three other eras into the present time, while Lana herself carries the Gate of Souls as a level three weapon, and also creates multiple Gate of Souls in the Scenario " Enduring Resolve " to bring back the allies of the Hyrulean Forces. She is a young, energetic sorceress with a deep knowledge of spells and monsters and is ready to use everything in her power to support Hyrule in the War Across the Ages.

Legend of zelda lana

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