List of con men

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Variants of this con have been used in movies such as The Flim-Flam Man ,[ citation needed ] Hustle ,[ citation needed ] The Traveller ,[ citation needed ] Shade ,[ citation needed ] and Zombieland ,[ citation needed ] and also in books such as American Gods. The scam then becomes an advance-fee fraud or a check fraud. After the Civil War , he reunited with his elder brother, Sam. Convicted of fraud, robbery, murder, and over other crimes along with her son Kenneth Kimes, Jr. Italian Amateur footballer who posed as a fictitious Italian Football Federation official offering a professional player himself for a cultural exchange to various clubs in the United Kingdom ; he signed with one club and trained with several more [44] Jim Norman musician Consequently he was charged with fraud in by the Swiss authorities.

List of con men

Examples include the diamond hoax of and the Bre-X gold fraud of the mids. Organized a massive ring of con men in Denver in the early s [4] C. This exposes the mark not only to enormous debt when the bank reclaims the money from his account, but also to criminal charges for money laundering. Running the proceeds of crime through a legitmate business to hide it's source. Calming down a victim so they do not call the police Come On: British investment fraudster, convicted of running a Ponzi scheme [26] Randy Glass , who defrauded jewelry traders and became involved in the entrapment of undercover arms dealers. If a con artist yells 'slide', his crew knows to run for it! Due to his strict fundamentalist upbringing, he never drank, smoked, or swore. In , as France was recovering from the war, the upkeep of the Eiffel tower was an almost unbearable expense for the city of Paris. American-born con artist, card cheat and pickpocket who, from the ages of approximately 14 through 21, bilked dozens of casinos, corporations and at least one Mafia crime family [36] [37] [38] Simon Lovell Many are relics, old time lingo from the s that no self respecting con artist would use. Insurance fraud[ edit ] Insurance fraud includes a wide variety of schemes in which insureds attempt to defraud their own insurance carriers, but when the victim is a private individual, the con artist tricks the mark into damaging, for example, the con artist's car, or injuring the con artist, in a manner that the con artist can later exaggerate. Another name for the game of Three Card Monte. A kind of long con where the mark is convinced to bet on 'fixed' boxing match. One grifter goes into a store and pretends he has lost his glass eye. A bamboozler, bilker, bunco, cheater, clip artist, con man, crook, deceiver, fleecer, flim-flammer, fraud, hoser, hustler, mountebank, scam artist, scammer, shark, sharpie, smoothie, swindler, cheat, deluder, dissimulator, equivocator, fabler, fabricator, fabulist, false witness, falsifier, fibber, jive turkey, maligner, misleader, perjurer, phony, prevaricator, promoter, storyteller and a trickster. To fool or scam some one Bunk 2: A very good pickpocket. Particularly in the Nigerian Letter Scam. If one buys the bag without looking inside it, the person has bought something of less value than was assumed, and has learned first-hand the lesson caveat emptor. Scamming a victim for a second time. A crooked card game played on the street. He explained that the City could not afford to keep the tower and that they had to sell it for scrap. For every dollar he took in, he went more deeply into debt. A con artist who finds victims.

List of con men

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  1. He was eventually deported back to Italy and he died there in poverty in Another name for a Bar Bet.

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