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The row of light units is normally installed on the left side of the runway and the glide path indications are as depicted. Lateral course guidance is provided by the runway or runway lights. RAIL are similar to sequenced flashing lights, except that they end where the white approach light bars begin. Typically, approach lighting systems are of high-intensity. The runway lighting is controlled by the air traffic control tower.


At the 1, foot "Roll Bar" you are about 2, feet from touchdown, about a third of a mile. ALSF-1, from Eddie's notes. The system consists of a pair of synchronized flashing lights located laterally on each side of the runway threshold. If the procedure calls for at least half a statute mile flight visibility roughly feet , spotting the Decision Bar at the marker would indicate enough flight visibility to continue the procedure. The visual glide path of the PAPI typically provides safe obstruction clearance within plus or minus 10 degrees of the extended runway centerline and to 4 SM from the runway threshold. Standard cockpit crews always use the first two set of bars. Approaches with lower minimums use the more precise foot spacing systems for more accurate identification of visibility. See Deck Angle for a discussion of the geometry behind this. The row of light units is normally installed on the left side of the runway and the glide path indications are as depicted. Navy's Landing Aids Experimental Station located at the Arcata—Eureka Airport , California air base, to allow aircraft to land safely at night and under zero visibility weather, whether it was rain or heavy fog. High cockpit crews need only remember to use the far bars of a 3-Bar VASI and to ignore the first set of bars. REILs may be either omnidirectional or unidirectional facing the approach area. In certain circumstances, the safe obstruction clearance area may be reduced due to local limitations, or the PAPI may be offset from the extended runway centerline. Runway Alignment Indicator Lights In configurations that include sequenced flashing lights, the lights are typically strobes mounted in front of the runway on its extended centerline. Navy's development of the lighted towers it was not long before the natural gas lights were soon replaced by more efficient and brighter strobe lights, then called Strobeacon lights. Navy and United Airlines worked together on various methods at the U. Sequenced flashing lights and RAIL do not extend past the Decision Bar to avoid distracting the pilot during the critical phase of transitioning from instrument to visual flight. The sequenced flashers begin between a half and three-quarters of a mile from touchdown. The most common approach light system configurations include: The foot roll bars are one additional bar each side of the ' centerline bar with 4 lights each. The number of short bars the pilot can see can be used to determine flight visibility. The light units are arranged so that the pilot using the VASIs during an approach will see the combination of lights shown. Each light unit projects a beam of light having a white segment in the upper part of the beam and red segment in the lower part of the beam. Lateral course guidance is provided by the runway or runway lights. In addition, the shorter bars before and after the Decision Bar are spaced either feet or feet apart, depending on the ALS type.


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  1. The ODALS provides circling, offset, and straight-in visual guidance for nonprecision approach runways.

  2. Depth perception is inoperative at the distances usually involved in flying aircraft, and so the position and distance of a runway with respect to an aircraft must be judged by a pilot using only two-dimensional cues such as perspective, as well as angular size and movement within the visual field.

  3. At non-towered airports, pilot-controlled lighting may be installed that can be switched on by the pilot via radio. Navy and United Airlines worked together on various methods at the U.

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