Military lingo for dummies

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Target Discrimination — The capability of a surveillance or guidance system to choose certain targets when multiple options are presented. Refers to the stereotypical seaman's homosexuality. M Major Nuclear Power — Any nation-state with a nuclear arsenal capable of being delivered to any other nation in the world. Usually refers to Iraq, sometimes Kuwait. Produced by certain gunshot wounds. Royal Air Force pilots, who were renowned for wearing brylcreem on their hair "A little dab'll do ya! Pockets, from the perception that members of the German Army often walk around with their hands in them prohibited in most NATO armed services - including the Bundeswehr.

Military lingo for dummies

Refers to an imaginary set of lights to attach to a parachute canopy for use during night jumps. Any combat hat that does not provide protection. Brown Water Navy U. Usually refers to Iraq, sometimes Kuwait. Some are self-explanatory and others are completely cryptic, but they each have a specific and important sometimes meaning. A soldier who is tasked primarily with building PowerPoint presentations for commanders' briefings. This term originated during the Vietnam War and experienced limited use by civilians. Illustrated in the song lyrics: The fleet of riverine vessels - fast patrol boats, amphibious. Recommended by user sara. A mortar tube or artillery piece. Navy, Marines, RCN The interior structural divider of a ship; used ashore to refer to the interior walls of a building, as well. Originates from Vietnam War practice of chalking identifying marks on aircraft sides involved in such operations. Big Ugly Fat Fellow. Recommended by user Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone: Refers to the need to wear a hat for the intended destination. Air Force Term for "watch out behind you" or "watch your ass", based on looking for enemy aircraft or missiles to the rear 6 o-clock position. In Iraq, the heavily fortified area of central Baghdad where most government facilities are located. Virtually any powdered, artificially flavored, juice-like substance served in the mess hall of almost any group male environment from Scout Camp through the Military. Recommended by user NGH Hardened Site — A structure usually built under rock or concrete designed to withstand conventional, nuclear, biological, and chemical attack. Recommended by user Steve Neal. Z Zone of Action — A smaller section of a larger area. Chest Candy — Slang for ribbons and medals worn on a uniform. Derogatory term for soldiers who do not patrol outside the FOB. Bang-bang — An Army term describing a pistol or rifle.

Military lingo for dummies

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  1. Most easily calculated by tracking the projectile's trajectory with radar. A person, assumed to be an enemy, running away from a military attack.

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