Mta job exams

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Yard jobs are the toughest part of the job. That would tie up service , which is a big no-no I hope you read your score slip wrong , and did better. Some trainees come in thinking that the job must be a piece of cake. Our training program is thorough and no joke , and the trainers do not play games. The job title will include both the level and functional area of the position. They do not play around with this , the MTA for all it's faults is very careful about who they hire to operate their trains , for obvious reasons. External means that the recruitment is open to the public and all Metro employees.

Mta job exams

We're actually not 'train drivers' , we're 'train stoppers'. I got hired in June of 07 off the second open competitive exam that they gave. The MTA must promote in house first conductors , etc. Metro provides its employees with exciting challenges and growth opportunities. You could have worked in McDonald's or been the President , the MTA doesn't care because nothing you did before you got hired could in any way give you any preparation or experience in operating a subway train. If you fail the first time but came close he or she can let you re-test in the afternoon , once. The reasons for the disparity is in the B division my division you have to learn to operate about 10 types of trains , and in the A , only two , plus the B division has more lines and yards you have to post. Internal means that the recruitment is restricted to Metro employees and current temporary employees who have at least six months of continuous employment with Metro. If you get one signal question wrong , you fail , and you're gone. Some trainees come in thinking that the job must be a piece of cake. Interested in Joining Us? The score from that test will be applied to each exam number for which eligibility or qualification requirements are met. So let's say you report to Stillwell Ave at You'll get track qualified , learn about the rail syatem , the signalling system , go to fire school , learn how to evacuate a train , and learn a lot of book stuff. While I don't know everything that you can be disqualified for , the four big things that I know jammed people up was Sometimes they don't complete the investigations until candidates are almost finished with training , and if they catch you in a lie and they love to do this they will have you pulled out of training and fired immediately , and the union cannot do squat to help you with that. I'm a subway motorman train operator for a little over 2 years. This can also mean recruitment is limited to specific union employees currently working for Metro. Best of luck , hope you get hired and we see you down here one day. Basically that means you report for work and wait for a job to open up somewhere in the system. Again , you only get one shot at it. Practical skills testing for both of these exams is expected to begin on Monday, September 17, Basically , they're not going to be needing to hire many off the test you took. If you live in Bay Ridge , picking the A division makes no sense , for obvious reasons if you look at the map. Bus Operator, Exam No. Click on the job title of the position you want to apply for and click on the 'apply' button. Our application process includes a few steps.

Mta job exams

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  1. The cool looking R trains that you see that make the automated anouncements are hand operated although you can't see the motorman's hands from the platform doing it.

  2. Applicants should receive a letter in the mail when the new test date is determined. If you have any questions, feel free to call the individual coordinating this postponement announcement at

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