Nicknames for coworkers

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This is for someone who brightens your day. Zen — The calmest co-worker. Code Master — For the computer genius. Hot Sauce — Are they a little troublemaker? This is the co-worker who sucks up to the boss and does what they are told without arguing.

Nicknames for coworkers

Someone capable of defining situations and excelling in anything she does. Internet Explorer — Do they spend all day just surfing the web? For an authoritative female boss. Struggles — Are they always panicking over little things? For the leader that everyone is willing to follow. Use this for co-workers who are never polite. Business As Usual — For the co-worker that always just gets on with the job. This is for that crazy co-worker who always returns for more work. For a female colleague that her speaking voice sounds like she is moaning. The Bringer Of Change — The one who made the workplace better. Client Calmer — For the one who always relaxes angry customers. Chatterbox — Do they never stop talking? Sunshine — Do they make work feel less dull? The Office Troll — For the co-worker who spends all day trolling everyone else. The Mind Wanderer — Do they always look like their mind is on another planet? Winston — Are they well-spoken? For the person who seems to always be complaining about things. Nagatha Christie — Do they spend every working day nagging you about your habits? However, there are still a few things to note: Here is a list of nicknames you can call your female colleagues without getting in serious trouble with the human resource department. This is for a co-worker who spends all day sharing memes. This is for co-workers who are around each other constantly. Dishwasher — Do they always wash all the dishes for everyone? This is for the grumpy co-workers at your office. For someone who can get any job done quickly.

Nicknames for coworkers

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