Push pull attraction examples

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We are talking about the art of push-pull seduction. So in truth we have mixed feelings. You will also be able to apply them in every conversation. This combination of statements makes the girl question whether you like her or not and creates this mystery and this mystery is what makes the interaction fun for the girl and also turns her on. Push-pull is a variation of flirting and is way more potent. You need to explain why that is a disqualifier, even if your reason is silly or humorous. Push-pull is an arrangment of either positive or negative statements that spike attraction in a girl. Now that we got flirting out of the way, let's get into push-pull. So there you have it.

Push pull attraction examples

The attraction is built on anxiety and a scarcity mindset, neither of which is conducive to trust or connection. Disqualify yourself, and her, to bait her into disagreeing with you and proving herself, or explaining why the two of you WOULD be good together. The push statment is design to push the girl away from you while the pull statement is designed to pull the girl into you. You can do it two ways: It was just a question of how high they could aim. Select Page How to Attract Women: Be a good gir and release them so that we can start talking like normal. Push-pull is an arrangment of either positive or negative statements that spike attraction in a girl. So if we have to seduce her without being overt how do we do that? Many people like to be frank and show others the way they are without playing the fliritng game. But alot of guys think about this too literally, and they try to seperate the two, or they rely too heavily on one or the other. Why send mixed signals? Why are you looking at me that way with your eyes? But you are just putting up too much of a manly front. You need to already DHV yourself somehow. The thing about pushing is, alot of guys think that the Pushing itself is what makes girls attracted. Should you fail to close, it will then only be due to mistakes you have made after implanting that thought. They require liquid courage to go through with the casual hookup. You begin pulling, but you PUSH yourself, or her, away. It could be your style. Whereas … when someone expresses both sides of that push-pull duality to us in some way, shape, or form, we feel understood and we feel comfortable. The moment she knows you want to fuck her the game is up. Go like this with your tongue move your tongue on your teeth. You can read more about mastering yourself to become a real man in this guide. But you are really not my type. You will also be able to apply them in every conversation.

Push pull attraction examples

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