Ron wyatt sodom and gomorrah

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Accordingly, we have found the absolute proof that we have finally located Sodom and Gomorrah, the cities of the plain! Late in the afternoon when we were getting to leave the ruins just below Masada, we looked up and saw an impressive wall with eleven obvious doors and windows. Where Were the Sites Located? Some think it is under the Dead Sea. Located on the side of a ziggurat, this brimstone in a shell is opened to reveal the unburned sulfur inside Each of the cities of the plain contain evidence of brimstone which God rained down upon the cities to destroy them.

Ron wyatt sodom and gomorrah

The word for "example" means an exhibit for warning. According to the Bible, God destroyed the cities because of their great immorality and perversion. The extremely high burning temperatures created a multi-shaded layering of ash that was formed by thermal ionization, caused by electrons repelling and attracting, creating a swirling effect in the remains. In viewing a map, it seemed strange that Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboim would each be listed if they were all in the same general location, at the south end of the Dead Sea. Accordingly, we have found the absolute proof that we have finally located Sodom and Gomorrah, the cities of the plain! For the first time in modern history we have found round balls of brimstone, or nearly pure sulfur, embedded in an ashen area near the Dead Sea, which show clear signs of having once been ancient building structures! Gomorrah is located at the base of Masada, and in , additional formations were found in Jordan on the opposite of the Dead Sea from Gomorrah in the Lisan Peninsula, including a large cemetery area containing 1,, graves. Brimstone with burn ring Analysis of the Ash God rained down upon these cities was so hot that it burned the limestone blocks that were used in the construction of the cities. The samples I collected would burst into an immediate toxic flame when touched with a match. Searching for the locations of these cities was never an intention of Ron's. If you visit the ancient of Petra, you see countless square and round top recesses, carved to hold their pagan deities. Whether these were entries to dwellings or places carved out of the solid rock to house their idols was unclear. He had said it was several miles above the northern end of the Dead Sea, past Jericho. Tiny crystals are on its surface which were formed when the sulfur was burning and was in a liquid state, then it burned out. These cities are indeed unique. As cities grew or expanded they quickly lost this square shape. For many years, he did nothing about his suspicions but in , I received a call from him while he was in Israel in which he told me he thought he had located the 5 sites. Ziggurats and two sphinx, which both faced east, and were raised up on a "temple mount" which served as a worship area to their pagan gods. Many of them disintegrate underfoot and the smell of sulfur is very apparent. Biblical Warning For All The cities of the plain were destroyed as a warning for all that this same event will happen again one day to the wicked. Several oxydized bronze spearheads were found and even a skeleton that had completely turned to ash was found in Sodom. It has been suggested that lines within the ash are just a result of natural sedimentation, but this is impossible as the lines travel vertically in many places. Also, they are far too small to have been cities- the largest was 10 acres and the next was 2 acres. Also, he and his crew had driven into one of the whitish areas and discovered something that convinced Ron that these whitish colored formations weren't just geological. Samples of the material were taken and tested which proved to be pure ash.

Ron wyatt sodom and gomorrah

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  1. The samples I collected would burst into an immediate toxic flame when touched with a match. Other cities that have been destroyed by fire or by volcanoes, like Pompeii, have a layer of ash on top, but under that is the original material.

  2. This perimeter is the city limits, hence the exact straight line and perfect square, which would not appear in natural geology. Sulphur is usually found in crystalline form, but this sulphur is unique to the world as it is round, white and has the consistency of compact powder.

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