Saying bye to someone you love

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I pull my spirits up by their suspenders, or what? I want her, here at my side, taking care of me here, hugging me here. The lack of their presence grieves us. Care for that person. While we begin to live that process, we hear people of good will saying things that sound absurd: They may even get married. Every loss is unique and worthy of being lived in accordance with our own personal capabilities. Meeting God someday, face to face, is the most beautiful hope we can carry through our lives.

Saying bye to someone you love

We are sorrowed by memories, and words left unsaid; by things we left up in the air, and problems we never solved; by hugs never given, caresses never received, and kisses never stolen; by forgiveness never granted, and attempts at reconciliation, rejected. That is the sensation: We are saddened by their presence no longer present; by our impotence before their absence… Wanting to hug them and not being able to, consoling ourselves with the memory of the last squeeze of the hand we received from them. Do so with gratitude. We want to hear their voice, we need their advice, and we only hear their memory in the distance, because there is no one to answer, no one to respond to so much suffering. They applaud us at our best. And so what do we do, when we find ourselves confronted with this uncomfortable reality? Because some people never do. We miss their words and their tone of voice. Our partners in crime. Then, it is transformed; the suffering changes, and it all takes on a different meaning. Learning to live in a different way, accepting the sorrow, making it our own so that we can live with it. I want her with me. Care for that person. Of course, we understand this concept with our heads, but not with our hearts. Be thankful that you got to feel the way you felt about them in your lifetime. Why did you leave me? How to find your purpose in life The experts say that there are 5 or 6 stages of grief… Those stages of mourning were a model created by E. And so when you have to let go of your forever person, do so calmly. Our weeping drowns us; we live without living. Some people never meet their forever people at all. Only someone who has suffered profound losses can express it in words, and above all, understand it. When God seems absent: The lack of their presence grieves us. But is there really any way to prepare yourself for death?

Saying bye to someone you love

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