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The cabin was really rustic; we used an outhouse and didn't even have hot water to take baths. We unloaded out of a Chevrolet and a couple of kids from the neighborhood walked up. Momma apologized to the farmer for our hunting on his land, but he told her we were allowed to hunt on any of his property. I've always had it, Jack! I've always had that effect on women! When Momma and Daddy played dominoes at the Hobbses' house, Jimmy Frank was put in charge of the younger kids.


His stories about growing up in southern Louisiana and his Vietnam days have been perfected in the many hours sitting in cold duck blinds with Willie and Jase. We drove the farmers around our house slap insane by hunting on their land without permission. He really did not sign up for the reality show, either. I can still remember the day we drove to our house for the first time. We asked the boys, "Hey, what's over there? We younger kids wanted to go to the Hobbses' house to play with our cousins, but Jimmy Frank was under strict orders to keep us inside. Every night, our neighbors would be awakened by the clank! Phil, Tommy, and I were always hunting or fishing. Marvin and Irene Hobbs, Momma's sister, lived at the bottom of the hill. I had an older sister, Judy, and then my younger sister, Jan, came along a few years after I was born. Momma sold Avon cosmetics for a while, and one day she was at the farmer's house selling products to his wife. Our log cabin sat on top of a hill and was surrounded by about four hundred acres. It was really hard work, but I never heard him complain about it. Billy, Mack, Sally, and Darrell, who were our first cousins. We loved to shine our flashlights on the birds and shoot them! Birthday Suit Like every other human on earth, I came into this world in the buff. Birds loved to fly up there and go to sleep. When he made his way around the right corner, we'd all jump through the window and run down to the Hobbses' house. For whatever reason, I never liked to wear clothes when I was a boy, so I ran around our farm buck nekkid. Our cabin became a prison, and Jimmy Frank was the warden. As the warden marched around the log cabin, one of us captives would watch him through the cracks in the walls. There were only two windows in the cabin, and they were our routes of escape. I have yet to see the show myself, but I cannot get through one aisle at WalMart without bumping into a camo-wearing, bearded caller ad. We unloaded out of a Chevrolet and a couple of kids from the neighborhood walked up. One can easily guess the favorite Halloween outfit this year. They had several kids:


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  1. All the students were wearing camouflage in some form or fashion along with their school colors.

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