St louis jury duty

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Secrecy The discussions and verdict should not be known to anyone outside the jury room until your verdict has been read in court and accepted by the judge. If you are missing or do not return during the course of your jury service, you could be served with a summons to appear before the judge to show cause why you should not be cited for contempt. If you have a disability, contact the Jury Supervisor's Office at as soon as possible. When checking out, you will have to turn in your juror badge. State statute requires that jurors are selected by a random draw.

St louis jury duty

Can I bring electronics to jury duty? If you need to leave the assembly room for any matter, you must check with a member of the staff in the assembly room before doing so. If you are called to begin service on a Tuesday, you are usually required to serve 3 days. More Juror Questions Does my employer have to pay for time off of work? Be sure to have the juror badge with you at all times, as you never know exactly when you will be dismissed. Badges You should wear your juror badge at all times. There is one television available for viewing in the Jury Assembly Room. If Monday is a holiday, jurors begin their service on Tuesday and may be required to stay until it is determined that no more jury trials will begin either Tuesday or Wednesday. Most trials in the city of St. They must be mailed back. What to Expect How long will I be there? Occasionally, the jurors are dismissed after 1 day if the jury supervisor finds that all the courts have disposed of their cases and there will no longer be a need for any jurors. If you must carry one, you will be required to turn it off and put it away before entering any court and while staff are giving announcements. You can do that by calling the jury information line at No, you do not have to be registered to vote to be selected for jury duty. The questionnaire is also available online and may be submitted electronically. There is no upper age limit to perform your civic duty. You may bring your lunch or bring money for lunch. Jury Duty will only be canceled if City Offices are closed. An employee discharged in violation of this section may bring civil action against his employer within ninety days of discharge for recovery of lost wages and other damages caused by the violation and for an order directing reinstatement of the employee. Shorts, tank tops, tee-shirts are not considered appropriate and you will be sent home to change if necessary Jeans are acceptable. Jurors may bring laptops, tablets, cell phones, etc. Currently, we have a call-in system for the jurors scheduled to report on a Wednesday so that if trials scheduled are settled, we can reduce the number of jurors who must report. No juror may seek to do any independent investigation. The average case in St.

St louis jury duty

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  1. However, until you have been released from service you must keep the proceedings a secret.

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