Superhero movies for kids

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I know it's DC, but I'm just lumping all comic book movies together here. Young folks are, I think, the biggest cinema goers. Slide 6 of I mean, I watched Wonder Woman recently and found myself cringing at some of the shit in it. Slide 3 of Almost every super hero flick gets a 7. Hey, it is what it is. They absolutely butchered that, he could have been awesome, but in the end he was a fucking joke

Superhero movies for kids

Even 40 years later, Christopher Reeve is who many people consider to be the shining definition of Superman. Slide 1 of Pixar Animation Studios No. The tagline for the film was "You will believe a man can fly," and while those flight power special effects haven't aged especially well, the real heart of the movie is in the performance of Christopher Reeve, bumbling as Clark Kent yet courageous as Superman. But they're definitely a bit 'softcore' and family friendly. If ya' like it all the power to ya'. Young folks are, I think, the biggest cinema goers. Batman At No. Simply put, this is a perfect movie to introduce the youngsters to the world of comic-book based films. Slide 3 of The movie seems to be often forgot about these days since the soaring popularity of Marvel movies took effect, but it's still a solid outing if you want to watch something a little more kid friendly. Slide 2 of Big Hero 6 No. Slide 7 of Slide 9 of The teen demo racks in the dough. Hey, it is what it is. The GirlPower cheesy moments, the humor aimed at teenage girls and stay-at-home-moms, the completely hokey villain, fucking Ares the Greek God of War himself was some humorous elderly British dude. Hence the comic book movies being be box office hits. They absolutely butchered that, he could have been awesome, but in the end he was a fucking joke Also, on movie sites like IMDB. Slide 10 of To The Movies or The Incredibles 2 popping up that's a fun wallop for the entire family. Even over 50 years later, this movie is still silly and colorful enough to entertain even the smallest of kids. Tell us in the comments and make sure you check out our video at the top of the article to see our choices!

Superhero movies for kids

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  1. Mask of the Phantasm. Who knew the spin-off from The Lego Movie about the Caped Crusader would be one of the funniest movies of the year?

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