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The mindless and the selfish. So, rather than risk looking stupid, they go with the flow. There are two key safety features to the Wii remote. I am one of them. Certainly not switched-on, sophisticated guys like me. Because instead, I learned the horrifying truth about myself. He is a writer behind some of the most - and least - successful programs on Australian television.


Stunned, the brain whizzes uselessly in a search for an impossible solution — how can what has already happened be prevented? My friends are standing there in horrified embarrassment. And I would be reassured by your praise and my swelling loins that I am better and smarter than ordinary people. Time to print this off and send it to Zooey Deschanel. In this case, my ability not to let go of a Wii controller when swinging it towards a widescreen TV. There is a special kind of dissociative state that kicks in when one is struck with a sudden and shocking misfortune. There are two key safety features to the Wii remote. The movie gets near-universal acclaim as an intellectual thriller of the highest order rather than the clever, sometimes striking popcorn piece it is. Certainly not switched-on, sophisticated guys like me. Because my country is in an apathetic, political limbo. Alright, season two of Futurama. I am a Wiitard. Was it all a sophisticated allegory? The lost and the damned. He also did a bunch of radio and theatre work, but because it was all unpaid it failed to impress girls at parties. The mindless and the selfish. The Dunning Kruger Effect, simply put is this: Was there a deeper meaning they failed to grasp? Oh, so much better and smarter. The screen is a fractured rainbow and not the ecstasy-inducing double kind. Being as I now know a stupid person, I overestimated my own ability. My wife is pale and slack-jawed. The considerate writer either sends that shit straight to their stalking victim, or incorporates it into the pain-shrine they are building in the disused closet. Because the two sides competing to become the Australian government were so spineless and uninspiring that they both lost the election. Had I taken the three seconds necessary to do this then I could be watching season five of The Wire, in big screen surround sound comfort, right now. So, rather than risk looking stupid, they go with the flow.


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