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How do we treat our neighbors? The programming is operated by the Guadalupe Radio Network of Midland, Texas , and will provide hour programming in English. Founder of the Dominicans—Order of Preachers—Dominic was known for his spirit of joy, generosity, and mercy. Now more than ever we need this mighty Catholic voice in the Washington DC metro area! In when a famine caused desolation and homelessness, Dominic sold everything he had to buy food for the poor.


She moved to a Carmelite Monastery in the Netherlands in He was canonized in This article may be confusing or unclear to readers. Founder of the Dominicans—Order of Preachers—Dominic was known for his spirit of joy, generosity, and mercy. Until the spring of , WMET aired Music of Your Life standards in the slot, which remains available for live-streaming on the internet and other stations that carry it nationally. By the end of the week, WMET will have hired a high-profile air personality to take over the morning drive shift and be well on the way toward installing a morning news team. Show host from various sectors of the financial world would purchase air time on the station. The programming is operated by the Guadalupe Radio Network of Midland, Texas , and will provide hour programming in English. At the end of this month, the station will kick off a million-dollar TV advertising campaign that will be the cornerstone of an aggressive marketing campaign that will not, to the surprise of many, include a change in call letters. The station also featured top of the hour news from the Satellite News Network, followed by local news from the in-house news staff. Gould says WMET was making a profit as a rock station, but not enough to justify keeping a format that was attracting an audience of primarily to year-old men. According to legend, Mary, the Blessed Mother, appeared to Dominic in a chapel in Prouille, France and taught him the Rosary prayer, urging him to preach it as a remedy to heresy. Two years ago, they were approached by Guadalupe. From her youth, Rose wanted to become a nun and often prayed and fasted secretly. Please help us clarify the article. He turned the station into one of the D. Last week this office was flooded with calls from listeners wanting to know why, every half hour or so, rock programming on WMET FM Rose was known for her piety and chastity. Several years ago, Gould points out, five stations on the local dial played staight ahead adult contemporary: The station also sponsored a series of rock concerts underneath the towers which were on a grassy hillside in Gaithersburg, Maryland that were well-attended by area teens. The most unique program was the Rocky Road show on Friday and Saturday nights which featured an eclectic mix of blues, country, oldies and rock music. In what ways do we link our life with God and prayer? As a listener, I can take Molly Hatchet or leave them. Much of the growth is due to these stations being able to use content produced by the Eternal Word Television Network and its radio broadcasting arm. Are we willing to discipline ourselves in our spiritual journey and for the conversion of sinners? Greaseman's show was among the few weekday programs to be retained in the transition but he later left on hiatus in November Teresa Benedicta was taken to Auschwitz where she died in the gas chamber in August 9,


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  1. But the shift of WMET to the bland middle ground of pop music discourages me nevertheless because it seems only fair that the listeners who do like noisy rock--more than 60, a week tuned in WMET during the last ratings period--ought to have at least one out of the 30 major radio stations here to call their own. There might be a discussion about this on the talk page.

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